The Complete Asthma Checklist for Children

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Every asthmatic knows how difficult it can be to manage asthma, but what can be tougher is managing a child with this allergic condition. Asthma is a very common respiratory illness seen in children, that subsides on its own in most kids as they grow up. Due to their sensitive airways, asthma episodes can easily be precipitated by possible ‘triggers’ or ‘allergens’ such as pollen, mites, molds to name a few and can make breathing a laborious task for a child. Asthma is usually controlled by using bronchodilators, but along with it, avoiding exposure to potential triggers also help in preventing attacks. Every child’s asthma is different, so it is essential to know the trigger elements of your kid. Use this checklist to keep your home asthma free.

Managing potential triggers of asthma

  • Dust Mites
  • Keep pillows and mattresses protected using dust-proof covers
  • Wash all linen in hot water once a week
  • Use dehumidifiers or air conditioners to reduce humidity
  • Keep all carpets away or vacuum them regularly
  • All stuffed toys must be kept out of reach and should be washed regularly in detergent
  • Cockroaches
  • Never leave any food lying outside. Always place them in airtight containers
  • Avoid using pest sprays. Use bait, gels, or powders or least toxic methods of extermination to trap and kill cockroaches
  • Molds and pollen
  • Bleach clean all surfaces that have mold on it
  • For outdoor molds, keep windows closed
  • Take anti-allergy medicine when hay and pollen season begins.
  • Odors, smoke, and sprays
  • Avoid kerosene, wood stoves in your homes
  • Keep hair sprays, talcum powder, perfumes away from children

Family members should heed caution while smoking at home. It is wise if the habit is stopped altogether.

Vacuum cleaning

Do not vacuum when your child is at home. Keep him in another room, whilst the other rooms are being vacuum cleaned.

If possible, use a double-layered microfilter vacuum cleaner bag


If possible, keep all pets and birds outside your house

Keep all furred animals away from the children’s sleeping and playing area

Remove all carpets if you have a pet at home.

Ensure that pets stay away from any furniture that is covered in fabric.

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